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Knocking on the door
but when the door is opened
only summer stars

Good day.

OUR WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING RECONSTRUCTION, PLEASE SORRY FOR ANY TECHNOLOGICAL DEFICIENCIES. To contact us, please use our Facebook profile (Facebook) or the contact form on the Contact tab

Welcome to the Hakuzan dojo website. Allow us to introduce our activities. We are a Prague dojo dedicated to Japanese martial arts and other related activities. You can read more about the style we practice here. To emphasize the use of the sword as a real weapon, we present the discipline of gekiken - free combat with modified training weapons. We also organize tournaments in this discipline. 

We are also dedicated to introducing Japanese sword culture to the general public. Some events, such as the Samurai Parade, we organize ourselves, but we are open to participating in themed events. You can find information about our activities here. Our dojo is open all year round to new interested parties who would like to step onto the path of (not only) the Japanese sword.


Thank you for your interest and we ask for your continued patronage.

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Here you will find current information about our activities.

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