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If you are interested in our style, there is no need to wait for recruitment - we don't organize them in the traditional form anyway. You need to register directly with our sensei and you can do so all year round, either in person at one of our events or using the form on the Contact tab. It is also possible to use sensei messenger to contact him, his profile is also available in Contacts.

Since we practice with a sharp sword, a real and potentially lethal weapon, we require a minimum age of 18 and the ability to control your emotions.

Please understand that the sensei chooses his students personally and also always has the last word as to whether the dojo is currently open to new applicants.

What to expect?

The trainings themselves take place twice a week (Fri, Sun in the evening) either in the gym in Smíchov or in the area below Strahov and last around an hour.

 As a newcomer, one of the senior students of the dojo will take care of you and explain basic sword etiquette and proper handling techniques to avoid unwanted injuries.

Training always includes suburi with katana and some of the other disciplines we train: sparring, kata, gekiken, shuriken, jari, tameshigiri and others. The specific content of the training sessions changes according to the interest of the students or the needs of the dojo (e.g. when a public performance is coming up)

It has already become a tradition that after training we meet with the sensei over a cup (or several) of good tea and discuss bits of Japanese culture and other topics in an informal, friendly atmosphere.

 What is needed? And how much will it cost?

For the first few training sessions, you can do with enthusiasm. A sword for training will be available to borrow, and unruly clothing will be tolerated for a few training sessions. However, as soon as possible it is advisable to get the appropriate clothing, which in our dojo is a dark hakama, obi and gi. This minimum can be supplemented with other traditional elements of clothing (e.g. tabi).

Another important part of the armament is the katana itself. Due to the type of our trainings, the quality of the steel is more demanding than in other dojos. If you are not sure, the sensei will gladly advise or recommend a suitable sword. Daisho is not required for training.

A typical beginner's kit costs around 15,000 CZK, of which approximately 12,000 is the katana.

Hakuzan Dojo does not collect membership fees, however all students are expected to pay a fee for gym rental. Its amount depends on the agreement with the landlord, but in the long term it is around CZK 1,500 per half year. 

Other (perhaps surprising) points to consider:

Knowledge of Japanese - during training, we use some Japanese terms for accuracy, but they soon become familiar. Their knowledge in advance is not required. Although the sensei is fluent in Japanese, the main language of the dojo is Czech.

Gender - we are open to interested parties of both sexes. Over the long term, women make up approximately a third of the Hakuzan dojo's students.

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