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Knocking on the door
but when the door is opened
only summer stars

Hakuzan dojo focuses on the training of various disciplines of Japanese sword art, be it Iai, Kenjutsu, Tameshigiri or Gekiken, but also on complementary martial arts such as shuriken jutsu. Thus, we are trained in a way of Sogo bujutsu 総合武術 i.e. a complex mix of various forms of martial arts under the name of Happo Ryu八方流.

The name itself is derived from the signature kata of Toyama Ryu 戸山流 called Happo Nuki, which consists of all universal techniques of handling the sword. These techniques have also impact on the style of shuriken jutsu we practice.

The core of our techniques of swordfight comes from the principles of Toyama Ryu branch named Morinaga-ha 森永派, named after Morinaga sensei, mentor of Master Nakagawa Kinji – sensei. We also incorporated Master Nakagawa’s own techniques of shihogiri (omni-directional cutting) into our style.

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