Dojo visits 10th year of Cajomir fest

Hakuzan dojo participates in the annual tea culture festival Čajomír regularly since its first year. Apart from martial arts performances, we traditionally run a small tea spot, where we along with visitors of the festival enjoy a good cup of tea and a culture which the tea represents in the Far East.

Our dojo has become very successful in the art of tea preparation and over the course of ten years won three times the first place price.

Hakuzan dojo could not miss the jubilee tenth year of the festival. Performances of Jakub Zeman, Jaroslav Visek and Pavel Stumpa over both days of the festival introduced disciplines of tameshigiri, kata and shuriken jutsu to a large auditorium of interested visitors.

The tea ceremony was performed by Jana Lehovcova of Hakuzan dojo.