All Czech federation of Gekikenjutsu

The All Czech Federation of Gekiken jutsu was established in September 2018 as a first and only organization which promotes free fencing with Japanese sword (so-called Gekiken) as an open society regardless the style and school of their participants. Behind this initiative stands Jakub Zeman Sensei (4. dan Toyama ryu) who trains this discipline in his dojo Hakuzan. After many positive responses of the students and friends of Jakub Zeman, we decided to set up an organized structure with transparent rules and order, which allows us to expand this unique discipline among the general audience.

Our main goal is to deepen our knowledge and skill with a sword outside the more common disciplines of iai and tameshigiri. Nonetheless, for a true mastery of the sword, one must, in our opinion, learn to adapt and react to a living opponent. That is why our organization will not obstruct anyone with a will to improve their efficiency with a sword to come and join our events. The Federation organizes tai kai or tournaments to which anyone can attend if they safely handle the sword.

Gekiken is an instrument to gain insight, experience, and skill with a sword. We do not use any form of armor to eliminate the feeling of “immortality”. Rather, we use special cushioned swords (Gekikento) which simulates the parameters of a real sword but are unlikely to cause severe injuries. For more information about gekiken, you are welcome to read our article here.

If our project succeeds, we have lots of ideas to expand in both competitions and disciplines. Those who supports the Federation will also have an option to pursue the mastery of a sword, for which they could be awarded with technical degrees to proof their capability and skill.

Internal documents of the Federation, the articles of association and rules (in Czech only) are published here.

Petr Janda, chief secretary

Celočeská federace Gekiken džucu z.s.
Seated at: Za Strahovem 348/40, Břevnov, 169 00 Praha 6 
IČO: 07511001 
Zapsaná u Městského soudu v Praze, oddíl L, vložka 70970